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This is the home page of 💎 Tetraspace 💎, and will probably at some point in the future contain lots of cool Tetraspace facts and content!

Things I Care About

I am a big fan of rationalism and effective altruism. I think at some point this century, the cybersingularity will occur, in which AIs become smarter than people in the non-metaphorical impossible-to-miss way that results in things like planets being dismantled.

The most effective way for an individual donor to give is through a donor lottery. The Center for Effective Altruism runs one once a year. Since effective altruism is dominated by two large donors, I tentatively think that the most effective intervention is meta-charity to attract or improve the effectiveness of more large donors, focused on those who are good at funding AI safety researchers; I will think about this harder if I am chosen to allocate a donor lottery pool.

Note that these two large donors mean that if you work on AI alignment, the most important object-issue level of all time, you could be well-funded. Scott Alexander writes:

(what actually happened was that the Long Term Future Fund approached me and said “we will fund every single good AI-related proposal you get, just hand them to us, you don’t have to worry about it”. Then I had another person say “hand me the ones Long Term Future Fund doesn’t want, and I’ll fund those.” Have I mentioned it’s a good time to start AI related charities?)

Tetraspace's Shills List

Tetraspace's Shills List, a list of works of fiction that I think are good and that you should read or watch or play or whatever.

Fiction Writing

Sometimes I like to write fiction; here are links to stuff that I've published online.


Currently this is just a mirror of some posts from my Substack.

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I'm in some other places on the internet, and in some of those places, it's possible to talk to me. Here are some of the places where I am: